GET CONNECTED Ranch Ride and Steak Supper

GET CONNECTED Ranch Ride and Steak Supper


If you had the chance to live the Yellowstone experience, would you do it? How about Saskatchewan style?


Can you check all of these boxes to see your eligibility?


*You love horses

*You want to ride at a real ranch

*You love beef

*You support local beef producers

*You love nature and the peace it brings

*You love adventure and trying new things

*You want to meet the Lady Rancher at Schmitt Organics

*You would love a steak supper

*You're willing to drive to the farm

*You want the Lady Rancher experience with Schmitt Organics

*You don't have the freezer space for this much beef, but you have friends and they would love to split it with you


Purchase $1000 of beef, your choice of cuts and up to 4 people are welcome to come on out to Schmitt Organics Ranch for an afternoon of adventure, touring by horseback and finishing the day tasting the homegrown steaks.

At the end of the day you will take your beef order home, so bring some boxes, coolers and blankets to keep it frozen for your drive.


The ranch adventure will happen on Sundays. 3-6pm



Google map your way to Arborfield SK. Continue east through Arborfield on hwy 23. This highway will curve north. From Arborfield stay on hwy 23 for 6km. You'll come to giant anhydrous tanks on the east side of the road and an old painted Jordan River Jamboree sign (my grandma painted that). Turn east here and head 7km slowly past the pastures (you might spot more cows). Turn South at Cowgirl Trail (that's my quarter) and go 100meters to the driveway. You will see a giant brown arena. That's me!


(In short; 6km from Arborfield east and curve north on hwy 23, east for 7km at anhydrous tanks to Cowgirl Trail, south to driveway at arena.



3pm Arrive at the ranch and boot up (cowboy boots available). Dress for the weather.


315-345 Meet the horses, learn to ride and mount up.


345-5pm Ride out. Enjoy the sounds of nature, the duckies in the pond, the deer poking their heads out, the cows watching us with curiosity, all while checking the fence, talking cattle, asking about organic and getting to know your Lady Rancher.


5pm-6pm Steak Supper Ranch Style


6ish depart back to your home feeling full of peace, steak and joy! Don't forget your beef.