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Book a Half 2024 Winter Butcher

Book a Half 2024 Winter Butcher

Excluding GST/HST |

Book a half beef now that will be ready to butcher winter 2024. The cost is $7.25/lb on hanging weight. This includes cutting, wrapping and delivery within sk.


With a $500 non-refundable deposit, this puts your name on a half beef currently grazing our luscious certified organic pasture.


It will finish around 1100-1200 lbs. This is a leaner finish, but jam packed with nutrition from the grass! Count on approximately 56% of live weight being your hanging, or carcass weight. Note that actual boxed beef is less than carcass/hanging weight (varies depending on cut types).


This is a great way to spread payments out for when final payment is due at delivery time when this Lady Rancher brings your beef to your doorstep!


Winter 2024 spots will be prebooked at the butcher. Your beef will hang for approximately 21 days for ideal tenderness. Once it is ready, I will pick it up and deliver to you!

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