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Half Lamb

Half Lamb

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Enjoy tender and juicy lamb cuts from a half of a lamb. These lambs are raised on an organic farm, fed certified organic grains and natural hay. Grazed on untouched pastures for maximum natural growth, tender love and care.

We stay far away from chemicals through the lifespan of the lambs.

You can expect a lamb to weigh approximately 100 lbs live weight. On avg we calculate about 49% of that as your hanging weight.

On a 100lb lamb, you can expect approximately a 49 lb carcass on the whole.

Priced at 8.50/lb on hanging weight.

A half lamb will cost you around $208.25.

Keep in mind that you will receive slightly less pounds of actual boxed cuts, cut and wrapped. End price will vary slightly depending on the hanging weight of each lamb.

Pricing includes cut, wrap and delivery.

Half weights available;


  • Price May Vary

    We know the actual hanging weight at processing time. Price may vary slightly depending on actual hanging weight.

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